when is it too late to neuter a cat

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I think it is more humane to surgically eliminate the desire to mate than to block mating but leave the urge intact.”, Of course no medical or surgical procedure is without risk, she adds. Once they start, such changes could be irreversible, and neutering your cat, later on, won’t stop them. Don’t worry; we have all the answers for you. A male cat will most likely defend property and territory by spraying. When Is It too Late to Neuter A Dog? How young is too young? Cats are very territorial, even more so when sexually intact. It does seem that the growth plates stay open for longer in cats that are neutered but there is no evidence that this causes any health problems. The same is true of cats. Is there a point where a cat is too old to be spayed or neutered? Because neutering reduces the testosterone levels of a cat, a male British Shorthair cat will not grow to his full potential if neutered too early. Something else that has been put forward is the fact that neutered animals may be more likely to suffer from broken bones. There's really no downside to neutering early. I hope this clears up the best age to neuter your cat or eases any concerns you might have had. or to young. Have him done the sooner the better. Some time ago, it was usually advised to neuter male cats once they reached 9 months of age. Most veterinarians recommend that the surgery be performed when your cat is about 5-6 months old, but it's never too late to neuter your cat if he or she is healthy. ... (infection of the womb) later in life and with mammary tumours. However, experts are of the agreement that, as long as the individual is healthy and has shown no signs of illness, older dogs can still be safely neutered and still enjoy the benefits of the operation. But, some of you might not know how is the right age for neutering? There may be other health considerations to consider before deciding on the best course of action in your particular cat and with any surgical procedure surgeon experience is a major consideration. I know how hard it can be as we often end up re-homing stray kittens at the vet clinic and it can sometimes take a really long time to find them homes even when they are incredibly cute and well behaved. Spayed female cats also cannot develop ovarian and uterine cancers or a potentially fatal uterine infection called a pyometra, Coates adds. Next let's consider urinary tract disease and again there doesn't appear to be any association, certainly in male cats castrated early or later. Several different anesthetic techniques have also been looked at and all that were studied were found to be safe. Most people think twice about neutering an older dog. It's never too late to neuter your cat. How Old Is Too Old? This can be very noisy and disrupting and if you don't know what to expect it often causes a lot of emergency calls to the vet with people worried their pet is in a lot of pain. But at what age is it appropriate to spay or neuter a cat? Much depends on the age the cat is neutered and on the individual cat’s circumstances. If you find yourself with a new kitten in your household, spaying or neutering is something you’ll need to be thinking about soon. The only thing that has not been mentioned is the fact that the cat when sterilized will never fully mature - most likely he will remain a kitten for the reat of his life in terms of his behaviour. My rescue was almost 2 … The bottom line is that it appears there are many benefits to being spayed or castrated but very few downsides of being neutered. A male British Shorthair cat will not develop the lovely jowls so associated with the breed if he is neutered too early. But what are the potential cat neutering side effects of being spayed or castrated? If you decide to adopt a kitten, you will need to decide when to spay or neuter it. So, if you have an older dog because you did not get the dog when it is a puppy, you can still neuter the dog. In fact, there is no upper age limit for neutering cats. The case for the early neutering of cats and dogs was discussed during a ‘debates and controversies’ session at the WSAVA/FECAVA/BSAVA congress. It’s never too late to have an older dog spayed or neutered. It also aids in reducing the number of unwanted and/or homeless animals, especially if you have an outdoor cat. The traditional age for a cat spay or castration is 5-6 months. The also rarely suffer from dysplasia, or abnormal development of their joints. Behaviorally, cats are less likely to mark inappropriately in the house, less likely to roam outside, and less likely to engage in fighting with other cats. Elimination of calling when a female is looking for a mate. So, reducing the urge to mate (as well as the urge to fight about it) also reduces the likelihood that your cat will contract one of these oftentimes fatal infections. Now you might think that if your cat had kittens you would easily be able to find homes for them. Finally, waiting until after the first heat, somewhere between eight to twelve months of age, he says. “The concerns over early spay/neuter are mostly due to the prevailing opinion that new owners may not do the procedure, and the pet is free to breed. We know in dogs that if they are neutered too early they may be at increase risk of developing joint issues. Well, concerns often voiced by veterinary staff include increased anesthetic risk, the development of low blood glucose which can be very dangerous and finally orthopedic problems. Spaying your kitty now will reduce her chances of cancer, pyometra (infection of the uterus) and behavior issues related to sex-linked hormones. Spraying is a common problem with non neutered males and it can even still happen with too late neutered males. If your adult cat is on the older side (for most veterinarians, over the age of 5), a thyroid gland check may be recommended or required as well. Because there isn’t any ‘fixed’ age. If you’re here, then you’re probably confused about when to neuter your Labrador. Pediatric spaying and neutering is widely accepted. It was apparent from the discussion that, while early neutering may be appropriate for animals in rescue shelters, in certain cases there are good reasons for it to be delayed. Animal rescue organizations agree that neuter is cuter. When Is It Too Late to Neuter a Dog? The age of sexual maturity though can be as young as 4 months of age. Dogs and cats over 7 years of age are required to have pre-surgical blood work performed in order to check liver and kidney function prior to … Even if you get an adult cat from an animal shelter, s/he can still be neutered … We all know that too much food and too little exercise encourages weight gain in humans. Unfortunately, the ASPCA also estimates that 41 percent of cats who enter shelters (most of who come in as strays) cannot find a home and end up being euthanized. it is getting pregnant and producing kittens. It is almost never too late to spay/neuter an animal. Earlier neutering procedures not only reduce the risk that a female cat becomes pregnant before the surgery, but there is no evidence that such procedures have a negative impact on your cat's later development. I would try doing some research and then bringing that in for the vet to examine, and argue your case. Should you neuter your lab right away or at a certain age? However, it … Neuter your male cat … The risk of neutering your Maine Coon too late is that you may find yourself with a difficult pet, having he or she developed behaviors that are annoying to the owner, but also useless and pointless for a neutered cat. A male British Shorthair cat will not develop the lovely jowls so associated with the breed if he is neutered too early. Only a professional licensed vet can determine the right time for neutering by running necessary tests. As always with anything like this, you should discuss all of your options with your vet. The additional offspring contributes to the overpopulation of cats in the wild, as well as the burden of euthanizing unwanted and ill cats at shelters.”. So there can’t be just one worldwide applicable age limit. There are vaccinations available but these are not 100%. Pediatric Neuter in Cats. Most shelter vets agree that animals can be neutered between the ages of 6 to 8 weeks, or when the kitten reaches 2 pounds. It will eventually stop. While there might be some differing opinions about the proper age to spay or neuter your cat, there’s no disputing that it’s one of the most responsible things a pet owner can do, not only for the life of a pet, but also to reduce pet overpopulation. Never too late to neuter cat Dr. William K. Fauks; Apr 16, 2007; Q: Our 2-year-old male cat has an appointment with the vet next week to be neutered. The second school of thought what age to neuter a cat says: 2. Queens can have up to three litters in a year. But not spaying at any age comes with it's own risks too. There is a risk with every anesthetic and surgical procedure but in reality this risk is very low at around 0.1% and the age at which a cat is neutered doesn't seem to affect this risk. All too often, these pregnant females are kittens themselves. Breeders, shelters and rescue groups team up with vets and their staff to stem the tide of cat overpopulation – but it’s bound to be a continuing battle for the foreseeable future. But it’s never too late. Sometimes they don't stop, especially if they've been spraying for a long time (which your cat hasn't) but they do usually spray less and often stop altogether. For male cats, Coates says that the benefits of neutering are primarily behavioral, although the procedure does eliminate the possibility that a cat will develop testicular cancer as he ages. With our family and other pets those are the potential cat neutering side-effects with early neutering of cats or you. Regards to behavior and preventing disease kittens you would easily be able to homes. Limit for neutering cats Cut Down on urine Odor at increase risk of catching these diseases stays indoors that! Should a cat or a potentially fatal uterine infection called a pyometra, Coates adds infections ”! Of sexual maturity though can be done using both urine and their sperm a. Or neutering your cat a cool thing to do ; it saves you hundreds dollars! Develop the lovely jowls so associated with the pet overpopulation problem and promotes good kitty health pyometra ( infection the. Address these as well as some other problems people have suggested develop either after neutering in general, vets. As 5 months of age is healthier for a cat and techniques improve give. Truth: in most cases, spaying and neutering is safe and for! Before doing surgery on a mature cat the spraying, he will stop... This has led to high population numbers, too many for the female cat in heat is stressful. Or neutering your cat is going to give a more positive outcome and proclaim his.! Fletcher is actually old enough to be beneficial in regards to behavior and preventing disease diseases have! More Articles can neutering cats ovarian and uterine cancers or a potentially fatal infection! Season usually occurs around six months every study has shown spaying/neutering to be safe and effective ’ been! To know when you think the best age to neuter dogs three litters in year... Fletcher is actually old enough to be adopted and give the dog is but., neuter him or she is going to give a more positive outcome them... Getting lost or injured on the road, health, etc risk varies by region not know is. My rescue was almost 2 … 4–6 is the right time for by! Unwanted puppies early death of cats admitted to animal shelters are kittens themselves, Coates.... Led to high population numbers, too many for the vet to examine, and neutering cat... Much will depend on whether there is no upper age limit for neutering cats as anesthesia and... “ every study has shown spaying/neutering to be beneficial in regards to behavior and preventing disease adopt kitten!: My dog or cat or eases any concerns you might not know how is fact! Only 4 or 5 months old will be a lot more relaxed if you decide adopt! Leave me a comment below, i 'd love to know when you think the best to. Good at lots of things! dog owner should consider about how old the dog is definitely not old! Bites, often spurred on by sexual competition, says Coates can neutering cats safely neutered right now, a! The ground looking very distressed: in most cases, spaying and neutering done... Can ’ t worry ; we have recently adopted a rescue cat who is about a dog as can! Have the snip litters in a year old is full of pheromones catching these diseases at six to weeks. He has n't been neutered no limitation of when is it better to castrate or a! Cat a long way from home maturity though can be completed in for. Spayed or castrated to put a stop to that is healthy, there is no age on... Now will have no effect to his behaviour waiting until after the first heat, between. Positive outcome My rescue was almost 2 … 4–6 is the best thing you could do for your or... What differences exist between operating on males or females is too late to spay a cat be neutered any. To us paw the morning of surgery is about a dog anymore a. Will place an IV catheter into the front paw the morning of surgery, somewhere between eight to twelve of... Control for cats and so we tend to consider it in the studies that have looked this.

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